Hankkija Oy is Finland’s leading retail chain in the agricultural sector, with approximately 800 employees and a turnover of 850 million euros (2014). Hankkija Group is owned by the Danish Agro Group. Hankkija manages approximately 150,000 tonnes of grain annually, which is almost half of Finland’s total annual production. One third of the grain is used in the feed industry and Hankkija is one of the leading brands in lining. The factory produces feed for pigs and poultry. In 2015, they produced a total of approximately 240,000 tonnes of feed.

TORNUM has gained the confidence to build a new grain intake and storage silos. The new grain plant will triple Hankkya’s storage capacity. The project is performed with a complete contract with including design, concrete work, assembly and commissioning.

Technical details:

  • 8 storage silos with a total capacity of 14,000 m3
  • Intake building with partition wall to minimize dust
  • Intake capacity 120 tonnes per hour
  • Skandia H-line transport equipment
  • Automatic sampler that takes grain samples directly from the load.
  • Industrial cleaner LAAB TAS 154A-4
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner
  • PLC control system with PC control integrated into the customer’s control system for the feed plant
  • Country: Finland
  • Categories: Industrial
  • Type: Grain terminal
  • Capacity: Total storage capacity 14.000 m3
  • Status: Finished
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