Tornum Group

Companies within Tornum Group

Tornum Group consists of independent, innovative companies that are leaders within their respective niches. Click on the logos to read more about each company on their websites.


Apisa, founded in 1962, is a global leader in drum drying technology, grain and rice drying, and pellet plant production. With a customer-centric approach, they cater to industries such as agriculture, livestock and renewable energy.


JPT-Industria Oy designs and manufactures agriculture and food equipment. The Company offers feed mills and fertilizer and food industry plants, as well as renewable energy equipment. JPT-Industria serves the feed, food and fertilizer industries worldwide.


Terästorni specializes in the production of expansive pressure equipment and tanks, including digesters, reactors, pulp towers, and storage tanks. Terästorni excels in the design and fabrication of superior equipment, emphasizing the delivery of high-quality products.

Lidköpings Plåtteknik

Lidköpings Plåtteknik is a part of the Tornum group since 2015, offering services such as maintenance, construction and rebuilding of grain facilities. Years of experience have resulted in a strong position in the Swedish market.