Renbergsvatten’s agriculture is driven by Fredrik Lundström and Mikael Olofsson. Together with an employee, they take care of the daily work on the farm. Renbergsvattnets agriculture conducts a crop cultivation of 335 hectares, where they grow 100 hectares of grain and 235 hectares of green fodder / grassland. The farm is certified. Most of the grains feed as their own animals, which consists of about 75 dairy cows and 165 young and meat animals. What is left over they sell as feed grain.

The reason why Fredrik and Mikael chose to expand was because they wanted to get a higher dryer and reception capacity during harvesting. Previously, they have been unable to dry the whole harvest when the dryer has been too small.

Moreover, they want to be able to choose for themselves when it is time to sell their grain.

The facility consists of:
• Batch dryer ts 3
• Hopper bottom silos fh 413 m3
• Receiving hopper
• Conveyors 60t
• Elevators sei 50/18 60t
• Haga hot air furnace 150
• Haga hot air furnace 250

“Tornum had a good overall solution from start to finish, they took care of the whole project and were able to offer everything we wanted. In addition, we have a former Tornum-building that worked well for 20 years ”
– Mikael Olofsson


  • Country: Sweden
  • Categories: Agriculture
  • Status: Finished
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