A Tornum Grain Cooler accomplishes what nature cannot always provide – safe storage temperature regardless of ambient conditions.

Tornum has very long experience of working with grain coolers and grain quality. We can offer a large range of different cooling solutions adapted to your needs. All cooling machines are mobile so they can easily be moved between different silos. Contact your local Tornum office and we can tell you more.

Product Description

Once grain is cooled, it retains its temperature for a long time. With a Tornum Grain Cooler, you usually only have to cool the grain once for it to retain the perfect temperature. The Tornum Grain Cooler can be linked up to virtually all storage systems, as long as there are good conditioning options. All types of granular material requiring low storage temperatures can be cooled with the Tornum Grain Cooler.

As less energy is needed to cool the grain to safe storage conditions compared to drying it, substantial quantities of energy can be saved, reducing the impact on global warming.
Safeguarding storage conditions also reduces grain loss, which is a major benefit for the environment.

Grain is a living crop and loses both weight and value as it breathes. If the storage temperature is too high, you risk insect attacks and the grain rotting. It is estimated that at least 10 percent of all sored crops are damaged from insect attacks every year. By storing grain at the right temperature and humidity, you can reduce such losses to a minimum.

Some of the advantages of the Tornum grain cooler:
• Eliminates the need for insecticides
• Drying effect during cooling of grain with 15 percent moisture content or more – each 10 °C temperature reduction provides a 0.5–0.75 percent drying effect
• Always safe storage conditions
• Low running costs

We offer grain coolers with cooling effects from 20kW up to 300kW.
Contact your local Tornum office to receive a customized proposal for a cooling solution.

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