Two complete grain plants has been supplied to LPKS Latraps.

The first is a complete plant delivered in three steps from 2006 to 2008.
Dryer TK6 with cyclofans, PLC, Damas Sigma 220t/h, conveying system 200 and 250t/h.
Storage volume – 36 000 m3 in round silos.

The second plant is delivered 2014 and is a complete plant for intake malting barley.
Dryer TK6 with TORNUM Clean Air Control fans, PLC, Damas Sigma 220t/h, conveying system 150 and 200t/h.
Storage volume – 15 500 m3 in storage silos.


  • Country: Latvia
  • Categories: Industrial
  • Type: Drying and storage plant
  • Capacity: Total storage capacity 52 000m3
  • Status: Finished
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