Hörby Lantmän will expand the existing facility with a new building containing grain drying, intake and unloading, outdoor silos for grain storage and a Grain Cooler. The new grain facility will be docked together with the existing facility, delivered by TORNUM eight years ago. Storage silos are built for both wet grain and final storage of grain. The dryer is a continuous dryer, HR6, with heat recovery and has a capacity of 52 tons/h when drying grain from 19% to 15% with 85°C drying temperature. The heat source is direct gas. The Grain Cooler type TORNUM TGC100, will be used to cool wet grain prior to drying and dried grain that will be stored in the silos.

  • Country: Sweden
  • Categories: Industrial
  • Type: Grain terminal
  • Status: Finished
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